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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Disclosure for the Kovacica Wind Farm Project have been initiated.Read more » European Bank for Reconstruction and Development »

Wind farm "Kovačica" public presentation


We have been present in the project area, communicating with local authorities and residents of directly affected communities since 2012. The company has been meeting with various stakeholders, participating in or sponsoring community events and meeting with directly affected landowners in connection to land acquisition for the project... Read more »

Public presentation of transport routes

RutaDuring public presentations in Kovačica Municipality citizens and farmers were informed about potential damages and delays that may occur due to the reconstruction of roads and construction of the wind generators foundations. Detailed transportation route plan from Pančevo port to designated site area was part of presentation session as well... Read more »

Presented grievance mechanism

Investor and the Project Contractor(s) will accept all comments and complaints associated with the Project and its operations. Any person or organization may send comments and/or complaints by phone or via post or email using the contact information provided at the end of the document...Grievance mechanism »

Windpark Kovačica


wind-energy The site was selected following extensive research of sites across the Banat region. The Banat region – in the central northern part of Serbia – is known for its favorable wind regime. The proposed wind farm area lies in nearly flat terrain with altitudes varying from 80m to 100m. For verification of the wind resource on site, a 120m tubular wind measurement mast was installed in September 2012 and continues to measure. This mast is equipped with high quality anemometers at four different heights (60m/80m/100m/120m) and wind vanes at 58m and 117m.Project »


lokacijaSolaveris(the “Company”) has been developing a 104,5 MW Wind Farm (“Blacksmith Phase I” or the “Project”) in Kovacica, Vojvodina province, Serbia. Blacksmith project is located in one of the most wind favorable area of Serbia, as indicated by various wind studies. The Project covers an area of approximately 3,711 hectares, within the territory the Municipality of Kovacica, CA Kovacica, Debeljaca and Crepaja. The site elevation is approximately 80m above sea level in the west, sloping gently up to approximately 115m above sea level in the east.Local communities that surround the site are Debeljača, Kovačica, Padina and the nearby Crepaja. State road Category II 111 Ečka - Kovačica – Pančevo runs parallel with the western boundary of the site and the Jedinstvo sugar plant is located to the west of the road.Windpark »

Environmental Impact

ekologijaOverall this project should have positive environmental socio-economic impacts from the generation of clean wind power energy. The key benefit of this project is the use of reliable renewable wind power technology which will achieve significant greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) savings as opposed to the use of conventional power generation plant using fossil fuels, as well providing jobs to the local community and generating revenue for the local budget.Read more »

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